This is Wheel Life
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This is Wheel Life – 7 Episodes Digital Series

Producer – Rachale Davies

Director of Photography – Hunter Crouchley

Director – Parehuia MacKay

Sound Mixer – Shamir Rodriguez

As if navigating your 20s isn’t hard enough, Sophia Malthus became a quadriplegic at age 19 after a horse-riding accident. Finding carers to help her 24 hours a day is no easy task. Luckily for Soph, her broke cousin Indy was on the hunt for a job to pay the bills while she pursued a career in acting.

As far as Soph and Indy are concerned, Soph’s disability doesn’t get in the way of a fulfilling life — it just keeps things interesting. However, it is undeniable there are many challenges for a disabled person living in a world made for the non-disabled. Accessibility is incredibly limiting not only in public spaces, but even in Soph’s own home. Navigating sex and relationships is a whole new ball game. How does one even look after a body that is 87% paralysed?

Soph and Indy explore all of these topics and more as they meet with experts to find new ways to make the typical 20s a little more accessible for people like Soph.

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